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Since it’s inception, Clear View Alliance (CVA) has worked to understand, clarify and inform concerned citizens and the general public about the wind transmission lines issues. We have offered suggestions for what citizens can do to protect the Hill Country and their communities from ill-planned energy sprawl. We have attended public meetings. Our efforts and our presence have made a difference.

For background on the wind transmission issue please explore the following links and visit the CVA website “In the News” page.

The best description of these efforts and explanation of the issue is in the opinion, “Scarred Forever: No turning back once transmission lines are built” by Bill Neiman, CVA president, published in several newspapers in mid-September . Click here to read the opinion.

“Texas High Wires: A balancing act for landowners” by Lorie Woodward Cantu for Texas Wildlife Association

“Transmission Lines and Wind Farms Carry Anxiety Across the Hill Country” by Vicki Wolf for Hill Country Alliance and published in Hill Country newspapers in July

These efforts to inform the public helped us accomplish our first goal: to get an extension of the deadline for filing the proposed high-voltage transmission lines routes. On September 24, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) granted the delay. This delay gives the Lower Colorado River Association (LCRA) time to study a broader area that includes the I-10 corridor and an existing 138kV transmission line right-of-way. Read more

CVA has distributed press releases, opinions and letters to newspaper editors to encourage broad media coverage of this information and updates on the wind transmission lines issue as things change. Click here to see more opinions, press releases and articles

CVA members have attended many public meetings and met with individuals to encourage involvement of state, county, city and civic leaders. Several leaders have made public statements regarding the detrimental effects of the transmission lines on our way of life.

CVA brings communities affected by wind transmission lines, as well as liked-minded organizations and individuals together through this website and our E-mail listserve. For links to other organizations with similar missions, click here.

Comfort scoping meeting lattice tower display. This is only about one fourth the size of the towers proposed by LCRA TSC.
CVA Lattice Tower Display at Comfort Scoping meeting April 21

Clear View Alliance Makes Front Page News

Exhibit of Model Lattice Tower successful in raising public awareness

Clear View Alliance continues to be in the forefront of creating public awareness around the LCRA's critical decision regarding transmission lines routes and the type of infrastructure used for the installation of these lines. Innovative members volunteered to build a quarter-scale model tower and residence to show the impact of the monstrous lattice towers. They gave $7,000 and almost 500 hours of work to build the tower, drive the tower to open houses, create informational brochures, as well as greet people and give them the information at the open houses. If you would like to see this kind of publicity continue, you can help by donating money to recover cost of building the model tower and/or get involved in spreading the information.

Take a Look

Getting energy from wind farms to urban areas where it's needed most, will permanently scar the landscape. That's why following highways or existing rights of way are the routes Clear View Alliance is recommending. See what we mean in this 22 second video

Some Clear View Alliance members have created a 1/4 scale model of a lattice tower and a model home which is being displayed at the open houses to show why we are opposed to the lattice towers and are fighting for single pole towers. See a slideset here showing the construction process.

The Transmission Lines are Coming ~ Act Now to Protect the Texas Hill Country

To paraphrase Paul Revere, “The transmission lines are coming.” Hill Country residents must stand together and fight to maintain the qualities of this region.

The CREZ project is being conducted in the name of green energy, but the process is political.

Although LCRA is building the lines, the Public Utility Commission will decide our future. The PUC commissioners must hear – loud and clear -- that Hill Country residents want the new transmission lines to following existing rights-of-way, not be slashed through virgin territory.

The PUC commissioners must hear – loud and clear—that Hill Country residents want to LCRA to use monopoles instead of lattice towers …throughout the entire project to minimize visual pollution to the native viewscape.

Our voices count. Because the Clear View Alliance spoke up, the PUC ordered LCRA to look at a much broader area that includes two existing rights-of-way as it decides the transmission line route.

Because the Clear View Alliance spoke up, the LCRA has stopped ordering lattice towers for the time being. Of course, that could change tomorrow.

The clock is ticking. We have until July 6 to make a difference.

Momentum and passion is on our side. Texans, regardless of where they live, love the Hill Country region. We must protect it, not only for our children’s children, and ourselves, but for all Texans.

Get informed. Join us. Make a donation. Make a difference. Read about ways to get involved here.

Report on Meeting with Judges from Five County Area

Presented by CVA President Bill Neiman

Clear View Alliance Vice President Walter Pfluger and I attended a special meeting last week called by Menard County Judge Cordes. Judges from the following counties attended the meeting at the Menard Courtroom:

Also in attendance were representatives from LCRA-TSC and the PUC. A lively, informal discussion was conducted after the host, Judge Cordes, opened the meeting vowing not to discuss Sub-Regional Planning Commissions(SRPC). Read more here

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Next Steps

CVA continues to work in the best interest of the Hill Country and calls for three practical considerations in siting the lines:

     1. Site transmission lines along existing utility rights-of-way and highways rather than hacking corridors through pristine wilderness and ranch land

     2. Use monopoles instead of giant industrial lattice towers to minimize the visual impact on our scenic vistas

     3. Justly compensate affected landowners, and apply the power of eminent domain to take land only when it is absolutely necessary

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch the videos on the Home Page and send the link to your friends.
  • Contributions to our Defense Fund so we can carry this critical campaign forward
  • Attend meetings and speak out about siting the lines carefully
  • Call state and local representatives
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper
For more details about how you can get involved, visit the Get Involved section of the CVA website.