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Tell your friends and neighbors about the transmission lines issue and how it may affect your community. Encourage them to get informed and involved.

Contact your state and local representatives and let them know you want transmission line routes that do the least amount of harm to the Texas Hill Country. Click here for links to state and county websites and contact information

Attend Public Meetings - Our power to influence transmission lines decisions grows as more people attend pubic meetings on this issue.

Write a letter your newspaper editor:

It takes only a little time to write a letter to your newspaper editor. We know they won’t publish everything we write, but the more letters they receive on an issue, the more likely they are to place some of them and our op-eds. Here you’ll find letter writing tips and key messages/talking points.

     Tips for writing your letter

        ● Short letters are more likely to get published. Under 250 words is good.
● Get guidelines and address from your newspapers website or newspaper.
● Write your letter on a computer if possible and print on white paper or on letterhead. If you must do a hand written letter, make sure it is legible.
● Proofread your letter, and get someone else to read it if you have time. Correct typos, etc.
● Stick to one or two key points.
● Personalize your letter. Talk about what you love and want to conserve in the Hill Country.
● As a group, we can be more effective if we are stick with the same messages. Talking points are provided on this page. Choose one or two you are comfortable with and get writing.
● For more information about the issue, take time to review the Clear View Alliance Website.

Clear View Alliance Calendar

Date Time Event Location Comments
Jul 28, 2010   Deadline for LCRA’s submission to PUC for CCN update McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project Application was submitted. See instructions on Resources page on how to look at the application at the PUC website.
Aug 10, 2010 San Angelo at 9am Intervenor meetings Wells Fargo Building downtown, 2nd Floor, 36 W Beauregard Ave McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project
Aug 10, 2010 Junction at 2pm Intervenor meetings Kimble County Courthouse, 2nd Floor, 501 Main St McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project
Aug 10, 2010 Harper at 6pm Intervenor meetings Harper High School Cafeteria, 23122 W Hwy 290, turn North on School St McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project
Aug 27, 2010   Deadline to intervene McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project See information on Homepage and above about attending one of the Intervenor meetings on Aug 10th at San Angelo, Junction or Harper
Sep 1, 2010   Prehearing Conference Palmer Events Center in Austin McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project
Sep 28, 2010   Intervenor Direct Testimony or Statements of Position   McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project
Oct 25 to Nov 5, 2010   Hearing on the Merits   McCamey D-Kendall-Gillespie Project

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Clear View Alliance Key Messages/Suggested Talking Points

● Site transmission lines along existing utility rights-of-way and highways rather than hacking corridors through pristine wilderness and ranch land

● Use monopoles instead of giant industrial lattice towers to minimize the visual impact on our scenic vistas

● Justly compensate affected landowners, and apply the power of eminent domain to take land only when it is absolutely necessary

● Don’t throw the Hill Country’s wildlife, water and natural beauty into the wind.

● Smart transmission line placement will not leave a path of destruction.

● Going green doesn’t mean steamrolling land stewards, ignoring private property rights and stringing transmission lines haphazardly through pristine environments.