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Clear View Alliance List of Intervenors

- Complete list of names here

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Three ways to donate:

  • For secure credit card donations click this button

  • Please mail donations, made payable to Clear View Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 906, Junction, Texas 76849.

  • You may also deposit your donations directly to the Clear View Alliance account at the Junction National Bank located at 701 Main Street in Junction. We will confirm receipt of your donation if e-mail or mailing address is provided with your deposit.

  • Clear View makes no representations that it will be able to accomplish any part of its mission. As with any lawsuit, an outcome may not have a direct relationship to the time, money and effort spent. To oppose the construction methods and routing of the transmission project, Clear View Alliance will require substantial resources. Thanks again for all you do to help keep Texas’ Hill Country one of the greatest places on God’s green earth!

    If you make a donation and would like to be added to the Contributors list, please send an email and let us know if it's ok to publish your name.

    If you can't afford to donate at this time, please go and make a pledge now and give us your donation within 30 days.

    Please ensure that all checks are made payable to the order of

    Clear View Alliance, Inc


    Gayle Reed
    Lewis and Dorothy Berniard
    Genelle and Ron Berry
    Earnie and Judy Broughton
    Jim Chionsini
    Marian Collins
    Ann Cotterell
    Double M Ranch
    Gary Duncan
    Trey Lester and Randie Lester Fraser
    Friends and Neighbors of the Last Clean River
    Alan Hartt
    Bill Henderson
    Dee Henneke
    Fred and Rita Hubbs
    Buz and Kristi Hull
    Steve Janda
    Carole Jordan
    Joe Lindecke
    Tim and DeeDee Long
    Craig and Robin Mangham
    Jerry and Sharon Mazanec
    Earl and Jan Merritt
    Floyd Mitch
    Richard and Sue Moak
    Bill and Jan Neiman
    Sherry Neyman MD
    Bob and Jeanne Owen
    Sheryl and Walter Pfluger Family d/b/a
    Gentry Creek Ranch
    Scott and Martha Richardson
    Debbie Riddle
    Ed and Peaches Savage
    Janet and Steve Schaeffer
    Frank Scofield
    Brent and Karen Scott
    David and Sarah Segrest
    Bobby Sieker
    Michael and Diane Townsend
    Chris and Cynthia Treybig
    John and Peggy van Moort
    Karen Vaucher
    Dee and Robert White
    David Young
    Ruby and Ed Zibilski
    Koy Adcock
    Lavoin Keith & Nita Allison
    Joe & Janet Andrews
    Dennis Armstrong
    Milton Y Arrott
    Almon Bargas
    Tommy & Kate Bennett
    James Berkshire
    Felix Bernhard
    Ron & Genelle Berry
    Charles Bierschwale
    Carolyn Kaye Black
    Glen & Carol Bockhorn
    Carey Bonn
    Clay & Jane Booker
    Dwayn C & Kathy Boos
    Patricia Borland
    Earnie Broughton
    William G Brown
    Cain Exempt Trust
    Marian Collins Carsey
    Charles & Ann Childs
    Jim & Macy Chionsini
    Thomas & Peggy Conger
    Terry Cooper
    Keith Corbett
    Corinne Russell Judkins Trust
    Larry W Corn
    Richard & Shirlene Cowie
    Jacquelyn Crenwelge
    Jeanie Bell Crenwelge
    Donna Croy
    Judy Deal
    Martin (MJ) Dittmar, Jr
    Philip & Linda Doise
    Dick & Lorna Donahue
    Mary Leigh Dunagan
    Tony R Dutton
    Levi & Carolyn Ellebracht
    Stanley & Doris Ernst
    Kent & Nancy Fields
    Michael & John Floyd
    Vernon V Fritze, Jr.
    Dennis Fusilier
    L David & Dianne H Gager
    Melinda & John Gleinser
    Michael C Gosney
    Bill & Mary Gosney
    Tim Graham
    John S. Graham
    Thomas Grona
    Frederick ‘Tony’ & Judy Hall
    Scott & Tammy Harris
    David F Hartmann
    Alan & Patsy Hartt
    Billy Hausenfluck
    Linda Heinemann
    Leo Heinemann
    Roy Heinemann
    Eugene Heinemann
    Barbara Heinen
    Dan Helbing
    Pamela Meador Hengst
    Jaye Henneke
    Anissa Herrera
    Steve Holifield
    Dabs Hollimon
    Janice Howell
    James Huffman
    Thomas J & Lane M Hutchins
    Karen Immel
    Larry & Alice Irvin
    Chester Lamar & Cathy Itz
    Edmund & Bernice Jenschke
    Rubin Jenschke
    Dale P and Dale F Johnson
    Gary B & Katherine Johnson
    Albert Keidel
    David & Linda Kemp
    JD & Kim Kidwell
    Kay King
    Ryan Kingston
    Johann R. Kinsey
    Ellen Kirk
    Don Knotts
    Ramsey Koschak
    Russell Kott
    Emma Krenek
    Tracy Laratta
    Gerard M. LeBlanc
    John & Patricia Lee
    Joe Lindecke
    Tim Long
    Tarzo Lugaresi
    Joe Lumsden
    Albert Lundstedt
    Robin & Craig Mangham
    Felix John Maurer
    Rebecca A McCarthy
    Doris McCord
    Ron & Donna McDavid
    Wally & Cora McGowan
    Duery Menzies
    Earl & Jan Merritt
    Danny & Eileen Meyer
    David & Carolyn Michnoff
    Max & Gloria Mills
    Art Mudge
    Jacqueline Henderson Napier
    Bill & Jan Neiman
    Wayne & Donna Nelson
    Charles Neuberger
    W Alvin New
    Peggy Nino
    Charles K, & Ann G. Orr
    Walter Parker
    J H & Diana Perry
    Charles Ray & Patricia Pfluger
    Tom & Jo Beth Pickens
    Gary & Barbara Ploch
    Sammy & Gwen Plumley
    AA ‘Sonny’ & Donna Price
    C.D. & Nettie Pruett
    Jeff Pugh
    Charles Rahe
    Gene Rahe
    Mark & Molly Raines
    David Rainey
    Ron & Gayle Reed
    Tommy & LaVerne Reeh
    Rick & Vicki Ristau
    Rita White Estate
    Robby Robinson
    L.P. & Vivian Rogers
    Mary Roye
    Richard & Caroline Runge
    Jay Rutledge
    Ed & Peaches Savage
    Louis Scantland
    Lida Scharton
    Greg Schneider
    Donna Schooley
    Charles & Pamela Schubert
    Tooter & Randie Schulze
    Frank & Patti Scofield
    Reynold Randy Scott
    Sylvia Sieker
    Alan Smith
    Billy & Sue Smith
    Rob Roy Spiller
    Floyd Springfield
    Jan St Anne
    Mark A Stehling
    Larry Supak
    Charlie & Joanna Swift
    Daryl Tanner
    John Tarr
    Frances Taylor
    Mark & Kay Tillman
    Michael Townsend
    Reggie Tuck
    Frank & Linda Vacek
    Jacques & Karen Vaucher
    Judy Vordenbaum
    Robert J Waller
    David & Deborah Warner
    Alan & Lisa Warren
    Linda Webb
    Forrest Wheeler
    Robert H & Dee White
    Ward & Barbara Whitworth
    Kenneth Wilham
    Flyn &Sherry Williams
    David Wilson
    Bruce Winter, M.D.
    Bruce G Wortham
    Ed & Ruby Zibilski
    and our anonymous donors, too