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I Pledge a donation to the Clear View Alliance

I want to make a difference by helping protect the West to Central Texas Hill Country as one of the greatest wide open spaces on God’s green earth. Large and small gifts in aggregate make a difference. They also represents a constituency and help spread ideas as we work together. Thank you friends and neighbors!

A Great Big Thank You to all who pledged in our recent pledge drive. We appreciate your contribution to our mission!

My name is: 

Mailing address: 

Phone# (optional): 

Email address: 

The value of my pledge to help keep a Clear View is $

I understand Clear View Alliance Inc is counting on me to make this pledge good within 30 days of today’s date. Clear View Alliance will NOT publicly disclose individual donation amounts.

I allow my name to be published in the CVA list “Thanks to Our Contributors”
I DO NOT want my name published



● Lewis and Dorothy Berniard
● Genelle and Ron Berry
● Earnie and Judy Broughton
● Jim Chionsini
● Marian Collins
● Ann Cotterell
● Double M Ranch
● Gary Duncan
● Trey Lester and Randie Lester Fraser
● Friends and Neighbors of the Last Clean
● Alan Hartt
● Bill Henderson
● Dee Henneke
● Fred and Rita Hubbs
● Buz and Kristi Hull
● Steve Janda
● Carole Jordan
● Joe Lindecke
● Tim and DeeDee Long
● Craig and Robin Mangham
● Jerry and Sharon Mazanec
● Earl and Jan Merritt
● Richard and Sue Moak
● Bill and Jan Neiman
● Sherry Neyman MD
● Bob and Jeanne Owen
● Sheryl and Walter Pfluger Family d/b/a
   Gentry Creek Ranch
● Scott and Martha Richardson
● Debbie Riddle
● Ed and Peaches Savage
● Janet and Steve Schaeffer
● Frank Scofield
● Brent and Karen Scott
● David and Sarah Segrest
● Bobby Sieker
● Michael and Diane Townsend
● Chris and Cynthia Treybig
● John and Peggy van Moort
● Karen Vaucher
● Dee and Robert White
● David Young
● Ruby and Ed Zibilski
● and our anonymous donors, too